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who says you cannot use a latch on your car?

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Simplicity of Love

Love can be very simple!

Yet, its simplicity can be very unorthodox, many times.

Hence, created beings who are created to love usually find it hard to commit to the simplicity of love!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Found this amazing true story....

If you ever need a reminder of how much God loves you and that He sacrificed His Son for you, this story will be a great reminder.

After a few hymns, the pastor stood up and introduced a guest speaker.  With that, an elderly man stepped up to the pulpit to speak.

“Three people boarded a boat : a father, his son and the son’s friend.  They were sailing off the Pacific Coast,” he began.  “Then a fast-approaching storm blocked any attempt to get back to shore.  The waves were so high that even though the father was an experienced sailor, he could not keep the boat upright, and the three were swept off the boat and into the ocean”.

The old man hesitated for a moment, making eye contact with two teenagers who looked somewhat interested in his story.  He continued, “Grabbing a rescue line, the father had to make the most excruciating decision of his life.  Which boy should he throw the other end of the line to?  He only had seconds to make the decision.  The father knew that his son was a Christian, and he also knew that his son’s friend definitely was not.  The agony of his decision could not be matched by the torrent of waves.  As the father yelled out, “I love you, son!”  he threw the line to his son’s friend.  By the time he pulled the friend back to the capsized boat, his son had disappeared beyond the raging swells into the black of night.  His body was never recovered”.

By this time, the two teenagers were sitting straighter in the pew, waiting for the next words to come out of the old man’s mouth.

“The father”, he continued, “knew his son would step into eternity with Jesus.  He could not bear the thought of his son’s friend stepping into an eternity in hell.  Therefore, he sacrificed his own son.  How great is the love of God that He should do the same for us”.

With that, the old man turned and sat back down in his chair as silence filled the room.  After the service ended, the two teenagers were at the old man’s side.  “That was a nice story”, politely started one of the boys, “but I don’t think it was very realistic for a father to give up his son’s life in hope that the other boy would become a Christian”.

“Well, you’ve got a point there,” the old man replied, glancing down at his worn Bible.  A big smile broadened his narrow face, and he once again looked up at the boys and said, “It sure isn’t very realistic, is it?  But I’m standing here today to tell you that story gives me a glimpse of what it must have been like for God to give up His Son for me.  You see…..I was the son’s friend to whom the father tossed a rescue line”.

Imagine yourself being in the place of the father in this story and of our heavenly Father in the Bible.  How would you feel if you had to sacrifice your own child so that someone else could live?

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

Friday, May 30, 2008

Here's something my good friend Larry wrote to announce the birth of his first son, baby Joel, which unofficially is my godson (I'm super duper fantabulously joyful!!!). 

I like what he wrote, so with his permission, here it goes....

Hi my name is Joel Jun Kuan LEE.  You may not know me (yet) but you know my parents – Emilia and Larry Lee.

 I was due for birth on 12 June 2008 but I guess I like giving surprises. Being 2 weeks early, I decided to pop into your world on 27 May 2008, 1.05pm –
weighing 3.42kg and lying 49.5cm tall.  Hahaha!  
At 7am that morning, mummy was having contraction.  My parents were scheduled for a staff meeting
@ Canaanland <>  but had to detour instead to Pantai Hospital.  Upon checking in at 9.30am, the nurse discovered that mummy was already 9cm dilated hence no time for all those pain-killer stuff.  
With the aid of some gas, mummy was pushing hard. Daddy was right beside mummy throughout – reading Psalm 139 and also
P.U.S.H.-ing (Pray Until Something Happens).  I don’t think you’d ever seen him so pale, which explains why he will not be pictured here.  Haha!
Boy, did I make mummy labour hard until her legs were cramping all over .  So at around 12.15pm, Dr Sum Keong WONG advised mummy to enlist the aid of a “vacuuming” device to suck me out.  I happily obliged and part with my comfort zone in the womb and decided to pop into a brand new world at 1.05pm.
Although it was hard work yet my parents would testify that the entire delivery process was nonetheless swift – all glory be to God and special thanks to Dr Wong.  In fact, they’ll tell you that it was a Supernatural Childbirth (entitled after a book they have been reading
throughout the pregnancy weeks) <> .
So, what have I been up to over the last few days? I’ve been sleeping, crying, drinking milk and listening to lotsa music – daddy has got music all lined up as though it’s some kinda nutritional plan. Anyway, I’ve gotta catch some sleep now so until I see you some time, some day, some where, here’s me saying thanks for being a part of my parents’ lives and now mine!  
JOL (English), JO-ul (English)
>From the Hebrew name
יוֹאֵל <> (Yo'el) meaning "YAHWEH <> is God". Joel was a minor prophet in the Old Testament, the author of the Book of Joel.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Illuminated by "One"

Have you ever thought about living in a day without light? Streets without streetlights? Car without headlights? How about having to need to light the candles daily? Or setting a camp fire in your living room or your office? 

We have been so conveniently using "lights" just like how we breathe air that very often (if not all the time) we have taken it for granted. Perhaps, it didn't even occur in our mind that we are using  "lightbulbs" except when its not working.

Do you know how did the lightbulb come into existence? Well, some of us do. Some, might have forgotten. Few, couldn't even be bothered. 

Yes. it was invented by "one" man. Full of passion, hard work, perseverance, determination, diligence.....and...he was only "one".

Many times, "one" can be so insignificant that we didn't even notice it existed. He was only a boy, "one ordinary" young boy. What can one life do? What can an unschooled boy do? One who only sells newspapers, sweep the floor and throw the trash...for a living? Can any good come out from this "one" boy?

Well.....Thomas Alva Edison. "One" life. Brought Light.

So, what can one life do? Can "one" life makes a difference? How about this "one" life with only 20% hearing ability left since he was 14? And with all that is left he invented the phonograph - which birthed the era of audio technology that mankind can enjoy today - the next time you play a CD/DVD/Hi-Fi/iPod & etc...think about this "one" man! 
Wait a minute! I don't get it!

You mean this "one" man gave his best to do something which in the end didn't even have a chance to benefit from the fruits of his hard work? What was he thinking? Did he think about himself when he was inventing the phonograph? Did it ever occur in his mind that he would not have the privilege to enjoy his masterpiece? What or who he had in mind when he gave all his best to invent the phonograph?

Well, I had no idea. All I know, he did it anyway....

Fast-forward >>
5th May 2008. The 4th Day. Sri Nobel School. Character-building program for 120 Secondary School's students. 9 volunteers (Short of 6).

One mission - "Illuminate"

We have been given the privilege to make a difference in the lives of 120 students for 1-hour a week in a school. A passion God impressed upon my heart 2 years ago. A vision inspired by God to see schools, students, teachers, education in our nation transformed by the "Illuminator".

What God started, He will also provide. So, He opened the door. Brought in 8 more willing  volunteers. And on April 14th, 2008 - marked the starting point of an adventurous journey of the unknown. Something that we've never done before, something that would perhaps won't benefit anyone of us - the volunteers, something that perhaps, we might not have the chance to see the fruits in the near future; something that we don't even dare to imagine that we could even achieve anything;  and what about something which may become...1,200 someday; 12,000 someday; 120,000 someday; 1,200,000 and perhaps more someday....something that is bigger than ourselves and perhaps can be bigger than any mind could ever imagine;

Day-dreaming?! Frightening?! Impossible?!....Well, we did it anyway!

But then.....What can "one" life do? What can 9 "one" life do? Will it make any difference?

I've heard of many people saying "cannot", "can't be done", "no use".
I've heard of many people saying "I don't want to", "I don't care", "none of my business".

And usually they are the ones who complained most about the government, the education system, the society and life overall!.....the ones who thinks that the whole world is owing them everything, the ones who thinks this life is all about them and also the ones who do nothing about anything to make a change...

But as for us, we're only hearing the voice of "The One" and we're learning to obey anyhow.....He said, "The greater the Challenge, the greater the Courage. It's a Courage that fueled by a deep Conviction for a worthy Cause! A Cause that Costs! And some"one" must be willing to pay the price! Will you be that some"one"?"

Then I remembered some"one", "one" boy. I remembered "one" boy who was willing to pay the price. "One" boy's sacrificial faith activated "The One's" miraculous power and more than 5000 were fed with only 5 loaves & 2 fish!

One boy. Unnamed. One boy. No skills, perhaps. One boy. Insignificant. One boy. Got nothing to some perceived so.

Yet, he did it anyway.
He gave his best...ALL! Little it seems but it was his ALL!
Did he have to? Was it by force? An obligation?
Did it ever cross his mind that 5 loaves 2 fish can't feed more than 5000 men & women & children? Why did he do what he did?

Perhaps, he has been following the Teacher together with the crowd and listening to His teachings, experiencing His love & compassion and he caught the heart of giving from Him. Perhaps, some"one" sowed something into him. Perhaps, some"one" believed in him. Perhaps, some"one" made a difference in his life. Perhaps, some"one" illuminated his life. And that helped him understood the meaning of "life is not about me but it's about giving my best, my all, even with only the little I have, so that others can be blessed." 

Never underestimate what one life can do. Never underestimate what one child can do. If only some"one" would give his best & his all, and sow into "one".

But....are you sure this gonna work? Are you sure there will be fruits?
Well, I don't know and I'm not sure.

 Just the moment I ask the same questions, i read about the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. Apparently, one will not see any bamboos growing up from the ground no matter how hard or excellently one watered and fertilized the least for 4-5 years.

But one day - suddenly, overnight, the bamboo will shoot up, grow to at least 3 feet tall. And Encyclopedia recorded that it can grow up to 90 feet tall within 6 weeks.
Suddenly! That's right! Read the Text. He loves suddenly(s). In His time. Not ours.

But in the meantime.....we keep sowing, watering, fertilizing, illuminating & don't lose heart! Just like the "one" who invented the lightbulb and the phonograph; just like the one who invested into the boy's life; just like The One who gave His best to the elected 12. 

So, keep sowing & keep sowing & keep sowing & keep sowing.........coz you never know when will the "suddenly" come.....

Just a Lamp,

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jesus Freak!

I know I have been outdated for some months...I was super duper busy doing my studies and work....super stressed up with assignments....sweat!!! really, really sorry man! Then followed by youth camp. Then went for hols. Just came back. Read next blog for updates.

So, I thought maybe I keep you guys up to date with the latest happenings that has impacted my life...couple of them, firstly, I just visited the Myanmar refugees children on the 10Nov brought a team of my youths with me. Almost 100 children there. The purpose we went there was to spend time doing journalling and to get to know them. To collect their biodata to be used for SIBKL's Christmas Tree Project ( - amazing
project which will lead us to greater involvement in the whole ministry for the Children At Risk in 2008 and beyond.

Little bit of their background.....
You would know the political and social condition of Myanmar. The Christians there are persecuted, tortured and martyred. The women are gang raped. Children burned alive. There are few options for them to survive, 1. renounce their faith and live or 2. run away. They chose the second option and crossed the border without knowing what is their future in the foreign land. Many came by foot. and now they are in KL...

I believe, if you have seen how the place look like, which they called it "school", the place the children study, you would for the first time if you haven't done so, be deeply thankful for your school, teachers, your books, and the opportunity to go to school, a proper school and begin to take education seriously. (incidentally, for those youths who went and you felt nothing, I pray that God will one day bring you through a season of suffering (God's version) so that you can truly learn to be thankful.

We were suppose to bless them, which I think we did but in the end I think I was more blessed even for just that 2 hours. I was blessed and deeply inspired to see their passion for Jesus even at their age (3-18). One of the things we shared was "what is most important in your life?"and some of them said "God". Wow!

Usually, many would have blamed God for the bad situation they are in and turn away from Him. Many would have denied Him when under persecution. Many would have point their fingers at God and ask "why is this happening to me?" how can a good God allow sufferings even to those who put their faith in Him?"

But instead they (the children, and some who's parents were cruelly murdered), would said God is most important in their lives and that their ambition is to do God's will. If you see their faces they are more joyful than many so-called Christians who are going through easy life (and these are the ones usually complain a lot. Those who walk into church and start looking for something wrong and then point fingers.) I really hope that these people go visit the refugees and see for themselves the joy that God has placed in their lives and how thankful they are.

I was speechless. The only phrase that came to my mind was "Jesus Freak". Yes! They are. Just like Daniel and his 3 friends. Just like the apostles. Just like the apostle Paul. That's the kind of faith that the Lord has called us to. One that demands the followers to carry their cross and deny self daily. No longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me. A dead man is a man can suffer no more! Can we say like Paul, "I rejoice in suffering"?

I was reminded of how selfish I am many times in the way I live, how self-centered I am in the way I look at my needs instead of the needs of others. How complacent I am in the way I live out the gospel. How ungrateful I am with all I have and still want more as compared to how little they have, and they still want more......but it is more of God.

An experience that has changed my life and taught me more about what does it mean to be a "Jesus Freak".